Monday, November 24, 2008

Busy ~

Recently , moody and busy on work. My job project is late on delivery date. I have to clean up my ass and ready to be spank by my customer. Besides that , I busy about Sankoku Musou 5. Still long way to clear the game. Too many thing to worry , really no mood and dont know what to update. Excuse me untill end of december.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My 2008 Bird-Day

11月7日の夜、バンド関係の友達と飲みに行きました。次の日の8日は、私と婷婷の誕生日ですので、一緒にお祝いをしました。珍しくPsycho Anthemの全員やBeat The System のドラムス(ジェラル)も来てくれた。まぁ、殆ど皆遅刻してたけど、来てくれたことに感謝します。ジェラルのノンストップのお喋りで、皆大笑いを出来ました。特に、Beat the sister & geralaで爆笑しましたww。



一緒に飲んでくれた友達:Hann, Michelle, Moon, Ting Ting, Ham Seng, Jay, Huikee, Terry, Ving, Ejun, Mario Takagi, Hou gor , Suhaimi , Gerald, Elle (Thanks for your blog, its so touching).
SMS、FB 、FSでお祝い言葉を書いてくれた皆にありがとう!

7th Nov night , I went to hangout with my band relating friends. The next day is me and Ting Ting’s birthday , we celebrated together. Rarely, all members of Psycho Anthem & the drummer os Beat The System (Gerald) was attended in this gathering. All of the people late on time , but still appreciate their attending. Gerald is he 1st time meeting with almost of the member , but we all LOL about his Non-Stop Chris Tucker Talking Style especially the BEAT THE SISTER & Garela Jokes.

Time passed me by too fast . Now I’m 28 already. I remember when I was 21, I said “ age in 20-30 is still long” . Somehow , its fast as a blink of eyes, I already standing in the edge of 2- and 30. I’m gonna work hard to work on what I can’t do when I was young.

I said so many times on that night , But I Have a messege to her :
Ting Ting, Happy birthday . You were pale. Please take care yourself and show us your GENKI face next time.

Last Credit :
Thanks foe the members who attended this gathering : Hann, Michelle, Moon, Ting Ting, Ham Seng, Jay, Huikee, Terry, Ving, Ejun, Mario Takagi, Hou gor , Suhaimi , Gerald, Elle (Thanks for your blog, its so touching). .
Thanks to my friends who sent me birthday wishes on SMS , Facebook , Friendster.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Rocking & Busking 2008

2nd Rocking And Busking 2008 (Live Band Performance)

Venue: Titanium Bar and Dance Club Damansara
Level 101,Block A,Pusat Dagangan Phileo Damansara 2
Time: 8pm to 2am
Admission: RM25 per pax (Free 1 Mug of Beer or Soft Drinks)
Strictly No Drugs!!!!!!!!

List of Bands
1. Stawberry Jam
2. Apple Juice
3. Happy Nightmare
4. Miliz
5. Symphonia
6. Eternal
7. Maddog & Jojo
8. Psycho Anthem
9. 浪 (Lang)
10. Beat The System

Organized by Rocking and Busking Management
Sponsored by Titanium Bar and Dance Club Damansara
Flyer Designed by Nunchaku Design Studio

Monday, November 3, 2008

Recently ...



昨日、Dir en greyのUroborosのMP3を手に入れ、最高のアルバム!前作のMacabreとよく似てる。オリジナルCDを買うことにした。Girugameshのはちょっと・・・・買うかどうか、考え中・・・



Recently , I can't update my blog in office due to big project has came in .I'm addicted to [Orochi Musou -Maou Sairin] & [Shin Sankoku Musou 5] , and i not in a mood to update blog at home. Last week Deepavali holiday , i went to Cameron Highland with some Japanese friends. I feel bad to the super ultra small and dirty hotel. I can slept well because i drunk plenty of beer. Poor Shimizu slept at the living hall cause no more bed for him. Umm.. I did enjoyed though. Well, something evil happened also. I broke my Sunglass and the flash of my camera is cant function. This have to waste my time to send my camera to Nikon service center .

2 days ago , I swallowed a fish bone on my grandma's birthday dinner. its really hurt. i try to cough it out but its stuck between the throat and bleeding . Finally , i put my finger to deep inside my throat and took it out by my self. That's really Bad !

Yesterday , I got Dir en grey 's latest album "Uroboros" from my friend. Its Superb Good !! The music arrangement is similar to Macabre Album. I decide to buy Original CD . Girugamesh one ....still under consider.

Drako'Zen progressing very slow yet. Me and Ving decided to start composing soon. We are worry about the audition of this coming december. Well, i hope we can complete 1 song in this week. Beside that , My side project band is start soon , This band will attack the diffrent market from Drako'Zen, I'm can't wait to announce the info . but still cant >_< .

I will write about my life little by little before I get boring to [Shin Sankoku Musou 5].
Cheers ~ XD