Friday, February 13, 2009

The End of Chinese New Year

農曆新年已經結束了。我回到像以往一般的生活。一開工就忙工作, 忙一些沒有利潤而做得好也不會得到讚揚的無聊工作。到昨天, 也終於忙完了。接下來要面對的是跟我的同事同行一樣的危機,就是擔心我們將來會不會被裁員。最近時常聽到說朋友被裁員, 或某某公司裁了多少名員工之類的消息。看來這個業界是有點難混了。找定后路為妙!

上週我與我團出來討論新歌的編排。等了一大段時間, 作曲人終於把歌曲給作好了。2首新歌都很棒,大夥兒都很滿意。接下來的作詞工作就是看我了。因時間上的問題而令我感到有點壓力。但我並不擔心。正如我好友Hann說: 龍禪在過去幾場演出前都出現危機, 但每次都逢凶化吉, 可能我們是要有危機才有轉機吧?? 3月21日的演出越來越接近, 練習也必須更加把勁。之前我對團員的想法有點自私, 這也可能是我們團內缺乏溝通之故吧。經過這次的感動之後, 我已經很肯定的了解到說,龍禪現在的成員是最棒的了~

最後, 想祝福她早日找到工作和脫離這個猶豫不決的處境~~加油唷!

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The chinese new year is over. I'm back to ordinary life. I started busy with some meaningless work, some work which you will not get any glolification from anyone even you done it well. Finally , it's finished yeasterday. The next thing i have to facing is the industry crisis which same as what my colleague facing - The Retrenchment . I always heard my friends say "somebody is lost his job" or "that company fired XX staff" , it seems a lil hard to survive in this engineering industry. Its better to have a back up for myself .

I met my band last Sunday. Finally , Kim did completed his songs. Its 2 songs, 2 awesome songs. Its my job for next - Lyrics composing. The tight schedule makes me feel stress. But i don't worry. As my friend, Hann said : "Drako'Zen always faced crisis before performance in the pass. But always able to handle it well." 21st March is close to us. Gotta work hard in practice. I did had some selfishness to my band in previous day. This is because we lack of comunicate , perhaps ?? I can definately understand , Drakos current member is the best !!

Last , I wish "her" to get a job soon. and escape from the space of confusing.

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