Wednesday, December 23, 2009

X'mas Present


It's been a long time I recieve X'mas present.
This is some small present from company.
Though it's not expensive items.
But better than nothing.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Medical Leave

到Ving家去商量祖陽新歌Boom Boom時已經感到身體不適。加上Ving家沒有水喝之故,忍了半天沒喝水,喉嚨已經開始作痛。晚上還參加我老闆的老闆的婚禮, 雖然喝不多, 但已經預料到第二天一定會病發。第二天上班還要出席一整天的訓練班, 結果撐不到就要到診療所去看醫生然後請了病假回家。回到家吃了藥就爆睡,傍晚睡醒不但一點都沒痊癒反而變本加厲, 想來第三天也一定沒法上班去了。真的, 今天早上起身感覺全身激痛無比, 不只是關節,連要開口也感覺到牙關痛。
結果我又請了一天病假. 這一年裡,這是我第二次請病假.

我討厭生病, 生病讓我感覺孤獨。
晚上身體彈動不得時, 總是沒人給我一口水。
想握緊一隻手, 緊握的只是空氣。
最後, 還要把悲傷留給自己, 去面對現實的新一天。

6th Dec (Sun)
I went to Ving’s house for Kim’s new song discussion. I already felt not well since that morning . And Ving’s house doesn’y has any drinking water , I’ll have to stand for a half day without drinking . I felt my throat is starting to hurts. I attended my Boss’s Boss wedding dinner ot night. Though I didn’t drink much but I can sense I would on medical leave on the next day . The next day I supposed to attend a training course. But it was too bad , I left at the 1st quarter and went to see a doctor and go home immediately .I slept a lot after taken medicine and wake up on evening , it doesn’t recover but getting worst. I guess I can’t go to work on the next day . Bingo ! Yes, I couldn’t managed to go to work on the next day too. My whole body felt extremely hurts and even my jaw.
This is the 2nd times I’d applied medical leave in this year.

I hate to be sick. Sick always recall my emptiness.
Sick reminds me those story which has passed my by.
I always feel that no one cares about me when I’m sick.
No one will brings me water when I can’t move in the midnight .
I feel like want to hold someone’s hand but what I hold is just were air.
Finally , I would have to save the sadness for my own and face a whole new day.