Friday, January 23, 2009

Balik Kampung Tonight

Tonight I'm going back to my dad's hometown for Chinese New Year. It's too bad , I ate too much mandarin and dry meat and I fell my throat getting infect and feel like coughing now. I've got my half months bonus today . Thanks god that my company were giving bonus. In this economic status, many of my friends doesn't get even a cent.
Besides that , its about my band, I think we can't make it to do any recording. We are facing a few problem that i can't blog out. Drummer Ivan's wife is 5th months pregnant. Sigh... Drako'Zen 's destiny is changing soon ? Tell me please...

Alright , here i wish all of u Happiness, Prosperity and Longevity !!

Gong Xi Fa Cai !!


では、皆~ 恭喜發財!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fear of Gastric

1月7日, 下班回到家,看到家母煮了好料的咖哩山豬肉。家母的烹飪手法依然沒變, 煮出來的咖哩依然是那麼濃厚夠味。我忍不住吃了很多山豬肉。當天晚上開始感覺胃怪怪的, 但不痛就沒理會。翌日也照常上班, 中午還在巴生吃了肉骨茶。下班回到家胃開始隱隱作痛, 吃了一些便藥。 不但沒見效反而變本加厲...忍著痛還以為過一會就沒事了。 誰知道會越來越痛... 感覺有東西在緊緊拉著胃部, 痛到根本站不起來.... 家父看見我這樣就硬拉我去看醫生, 當時已經半夜12點多, 找了幾個地區最後終於找到一所24小時營業的高級診療所。 看了醫生拿了藥回家吃了, 但還是很痛很痛...半夜整晚被痛醒很多次, 藥性之故也上廁所排泄了幾次灰色的液体, 幾乎都沒睡。 在床上痛到天亮才安定一點。這天请了病假沒上班,在家睡了大半天, 總算擺脫了痛楚... 我從來沒有試過這麼嚴重的胃痛, 這次我真的領悟到別人口中所說的胃痛的恐怖... 幸好, 我還沒被折磨至死... 我還活著...感謝黑帝斯沒召我下去。

7th Jan, Mother cooked Curry Boar Meat. Mother's recipe always is best and full of taste. I can't stand and ate a plenty of meat. That night , my stomach start going weird. but it doesn't pain , so I ignore it. I went to work at the next day . I had Bak Kut Teh for lunch . My stomach start getting hurt. I took some pharmacy medicine but it doesn't work but getting more pain and pain. The pain wont stop , its like something pulling tightly inside the stomach. I cant stand even. Father can't see me suffer , he brings me to see doctor compulsory . That time was midnight 12am ++ . We search around a few area and finally we got a 24 hours operated medical clinic. I got some medicine from Doctor . I can’t sleep cause pain even I took those medicine though. I shat some grey liquid excrements in toilet due to the medicine effect. I almost didn’t sleep at that night. Till morning , the pain is started fading out . I applied a medical leave from company and slept a lot . I never had a such a serious gastric before this. Since this time , I ‘d understand the fear of gastric. Luckily , I still alive , I didn’t been torture to dead. Thanks Hades for didn’t summoning me to the hell.